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The best analysis of the stock market and the global financial market

Every quarter MGC Investments provides its clients with reliable and accurate worldwide financial analysis. These analyses are intended to offer the customer specific guidance for profitable and balanced investments.

MGC Investments’ financial analyses contain detailed assessments of the most significant global macroeconomic data and information on the most attractive companies in terms of budget, stability and profit. This data affects share prices by 75%, and is therefore crucial in determining successful investments. In particular, MGC Investments’ financial analysis analyzes all sectors of the European and American markets and provides a simplified sectorial evaluation called “MGC Rating.” This is possible because of MGC Investments’ continuous monitoring of market trends and professional, thorough and consistent economic research.

Easy-to-understand, high quality, practical and impartial financial analyses provide key information on investment opportunities in different companies with different risk profiles, in different sectors and economies. MGC investments’ analyses also interpret the expectations of market participants by analyzing the volume and the flow of capital that runs through markets, the so-called “sentiment.”

Thanks to MGC Investments’ analyses, the customer may create an investment portfolio in a conscious and informed way, according to his or her own profit goals and risk tolerance.


In quarterly financial analyses, customers receive a summary of the stock exchange including:

Global Overview

It analyzes various subjects, from macroeconomics to microeconomics, from economic cycles to the main monetary phenomena. Analyzes interest rates, CCI, inflation, GDP, deficit, and much more to provide a clear and precise evaluation of various financial markets.

World Markets

It provides a guide to reading and understanding the state of the following indices: FTSE MIB, Dow Jones, S & P 500, Nasdaq Composite. Although it is difficult to accurately predict any index or title, the report provides projections that forecast possible indices’ trends for correct investment.

Currencies & Interest Rates

It offers an analysis of the main exchange market, the Euro / Dollar, and provides historical and up-to-date data and on the progress of U.S. and European interest rates.


It offers an analysis of the prices of the three main commodities, oil, gold and silver, and it offers projections based on historical data.



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