Self Service Managed Account

The best, low-cost, solution to invest savings in a customized and innovative way

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Through the Self Service Managed Account of MGC Investments the customer makes his own investment choices, depending on personal risk appetite and profitability objectives.

After a meeting with our expert consultant, the customer can choose an investment style among the following:

1. Cautious Style;
2. Balanced Style;
3. Dynamic Style.


The Self Service Managed Account pursues exclusively the customer interests and their assets’ growth, without any conflict of interest. MGC retribution depends only on the obtained results. * The win-win approach is for MGC an additional stimulus to offer a state-of-the-art financial service.

The multi-language platform allows to invest in financial markets all over the world. Deposit account is possible in 11 currencies.


Service Advantages

Very low commissions
The Self Service Managed Account offers the following services on very low commissions:

  • Deposit account opening;
  • Expert advice;
  • Multi-language platforms and apps;
  • Customer service through e-mail, phone and chat;
  • IB Money System Platform.

Innovative technologies
Operative platforms on the markets all over the world, which are easy to use for beginners and experts.

Freedom to operate everywhere
Dedicated apps for mobile and desktop devices for real time investment monitoring everywhere.

Multi-language customer service
Multi-language hotline customer service (phone and chat).


Included functions

IB Money System Platform

IB Money platform, a web based system that shows the customer a list of securities and quotas to purchase, allows to:

  • monitor the chosen investment strategy
  • purchase securities directly in your personal account
  • manage your own investment account.

Customized portfolio
In the customized portfolio, which has been developed by our consultant, are shown securities and quotas recommended for purchasing.

Notification of trade-off changes
The customers receives an e-mail notification stating the possible portfolio trade-off change.

Phone, e-mail and chat support
The customer service helps the customers purchase/sell securities.

Quarterly report
The customer receives our quarterly report, “Analysis and Strategic Visions”, on the trend of the market and of his investments.

Expert Consultant
Our expert consultant, who is always available via phone, e-mail or teleconference, assists the customer in building the portfolio and in the related optimization.

  • Our 4 key strengths

  • Results

    MGC investments has always achieved over 8% yearly performances, scoring a 27.8% peak in 2009 and 14.6% average yearly performances.*


    MGC Investments works towards the best customer interest and we get paid according to the achieved results.*


    Customers can check at any time their financial asset situation through the on-line platform linked to their own managing account


    MGC professionals offer the customer their long-standing experience in managing investments and in financial consulting in every market conditions

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