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Through the “News and Stock Analysis” free service, users receive detailed analysis and exclusive news in real time.

Detailed and professional analyses that enable precise technical and economic assessments and that contain key information on the global financial market.

Facebook, Twitter and our blog are the key tools used by MGC Investments to keep users up-to-date.


The contents of our “posts”

Our “posts” review all major global markets, including the European, American and some emerging countries’ markets. In this overview, each market is described by fundamental data, analyzed and commented upon, and they are accompanied by explanatory graphics also discussed and analyzed with a technical key.

In particular, the experts at MGC Investments focus carefully on the segments that at the time of publication are believed to be the most interesting:


  • MGC rating, simplified sectorial evaluation
  • Technical and fundamental analysis for the most interesting titles and sectors
  • Articles dedicated to investment and financial training
  • Analysis of financial statements with EPS graphics with projections from subsequent quarters

  • Our 3 key strengths

  • Results

    MGC investments has always achieved over 9% yearly performances, scoring a 27.8% peak in 2009 and 17.8% average yearly performances.*


    MGC Investments works towards the best customer interest and we get paid according to the achieved results.*


    MGC professionals offer the customer their long-standing experience in managing investments and in financial consulting in every market conditions

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