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At MG Investments, we are aware that time is the main obstacle to expanding one’s financial training by taking stock market and trading classes.

Work, personal commitments and unforeseen difficulties conflict with seminars and workshops in other cities and with inflexible schedules.

MGC Investments offers the ideal solution through its MG Consulting training section. Its Stock Market & Trading Class is available online with the help of custom web coaching.


MGConsulting – training to become a trader

MGConsulting represents the main reference for customers who want to learn online trading, in order to independently manage their capital.

MG Consulting offers online training classes that are fully customized to the individual needs of each customer, based on customer’s level of knowledge and goals.

For an efficient training, MGConsulting integrates concepts and theories with real life exercises. Customers gain familiarity and proficiency in online trading techniques and strategies, reaching a high level of professionalism in a short time.

MGConsulting uses individual web coaching as a teaching tool, along with techniques of “accelerated learning,” and follows the customer step by step with a personal tutor throughout the training period.

Thanks to this method, today 83% of our students claim to be doing professional trading and have obtained a greater wealth after completing the course.

MGConsulting Goals

  • Enabling the trader to manage his or her financial asset independently
  • Increase the trader’s wealth

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    MGC investments has always achieved over 9% yearly performances, scoring a 27.8% peak in 2009 and 17.8% average yearly performances.*


    MGC Investments works towards the best customer interest and we get paid according to the achieved results.*


    MGC professionals offer the customer their long-standing experience in managing investments and in financial consulting in every market conditions

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