Full Service Managed Account

A customized and innovative investment form


The Full Service Managed Account is a customized and innovative investment form with which the customer entrusts MGC his own investment account management, with a management mandate. While in the mutual funds the money collected from banks and promoters is managed collectively, in the Full Service Managed Account the investment, through the purchasing of different products, is customized on the customer needs, objectives and risk appetite. This approach makes every portfolio unique and customized, according to investor objectives.

MGC Investments offers two main Full Service Managed Account types:

1. Managed Account, Chattel (GPM).
2. Managed Account, Advanced (GPA).

In the GPM, the financial asset is mainly invested in classic financial instruments, and the results are related to an asset allocation referring to the customer objective.

In the GPA, instead, the financial asset is managed with advanced financial instruments, according to the Advanced investment strategy, which is identical for every GPA customer, and it aims at a long-term constant growth of the portfolio, with positive performances in various market situations.


MGC Investments receives remuneration only from the profits of the managed account. * The win-win approach is an additional stimulus for MGC to offer a state-of-the-art, innovative financial service.

The Full Service Managed Account offers a better transparency than the traditional investment channels, as the investor can monitor his own account trend. Moreover, the account manager can only negotiate securities and cannot withdraw or move money. More precisely, in a managed account, the account manager can check the portfolio on a daily basis. In particular, the account manager monitors constantly the market in order to intervene, should extraordinary events occur.


The Full Service Managed Account offers a particularly high  tax savings , as the capital gain (namely the income taxation) is paid yearly and not every time a transaction is made.

MGC Investments offers apps for every device on the market: tablets, computers and smartphones.

MGC Investments’ multi-language customer service supports customers in real time through hotlines and chat services.

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  • Results

    MGC investments has always achieved over 8% yearly performances, scoring a 27.8% peak in 2009 and 14.6% average yearly performances.*


    MGC Investments works towards the best customer interest and we get paid according to the achieved results.*


    Customers can check at any time their financial asset situation through the on-line platform linked to their own managing account


    MGC professionals offer the customer their long-standing experience in managing investments and in financial consulting in every market conditions

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