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Persons who access information on the website www.mgcinvestments.ch must agree to the following terms and conditions:

Local restrictions, cross-border supply of services.

This website contains information about financial products and services to MGC Investments SAGL.
MGC Investments SAGL is a trust affiliated with PolyReg Swiss financial institute recognized by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, according to the regulated dall’OAD PolyReg.
MGC Investments SAGL does not receive any permits or licenses by foreign supervisory authorities and is therefore not authorized to do promotion and / or placement with the public of its activities and investment or financial management of its products outside of Switzerland. MGC Investments SAGL adopted specific internal procedures to ensure that its operations should be subject to Swiss and international regulations. The moment a user requests additional information through our emial address or subscribe to the necessary documentation to request information, activate a demo or to open a real account with MGC Investments SAGL, it collects and stores information – including the name and address – for administrative, commercial and / or legal.

No advice, no offer.

No information published on the website www.mgcinvestments.ch constitutes a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell any investment instruments, nor to make any transaction or to conclude any legal act of any kind.
The information published and opinions expressed are provided by MGC Investments SAGL for personal use and for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Nothing contained on the website www.mgcinvestments.ch constitutes financial, legal, tax or otherwise advice, nor should any investment or any other decision be made solely based on the content of the website www.mgcinvestments.ch.

Reports, newsletters and information on Social Networks

Any fact, statement, analysis, forecast, opinion and information (collectively, “Information”) issued by MGC Investments SAGL in any manner or form expressed on marketing materials, reports, MGC Global Markets newsletters, emails, and written or verbal communications (collectively “Publications”) are for informational or advertising purposes only.
Except where specifically stated, no Publication of MGC Investments SAGL can be considered as an offer and / or solicitation to:
– Buy or sell any currency, product, share or financial instrument,
– Make any investment whatsoever,
– Participate in any trading strategy.

Accuracy of information

The information contained in this site has been obtained from, or is based on, sources believed to be reliable by MGC Investments SAGL, but there is no guarantee to its accuracy or completeness. This information is provided without any commitment by MGC Investments SAGL part and with the understanding that any person who changes his or her investment position does so at his or her own risk. MGC SAGL Investments provides no warranty (express or implied) that the information and opinions expressed on the website www.mgcinvestments.ch is accurate, complete or current.
Publications of MGC SAGL Investments are not continuously updated after their release and may become out-of-date or inaccurate after a certain period of time, whether within a matter of minutes or weeks or months depending on the information. MGC SAGL Investments provides no warranty and assumes no liability to any user for not updating its publications.
If a Publication becomes obsolete, MGC Investments SAGL is not obligated to:
– Update the publication,
– Inform the recipient about the Publication,
– Take any other action.
In particular, MGC Investments SAGL is not obliged to remove any outdated information from its website.

Risk Factors

The past performance of an investment is no guarantee of future profits. An investment may also lose value due to changes in exchange rates or changes in the price of the shares or the underlying (futures or options).
MGC Investments SAGL cannot guarantee that all your invested capital will be maintained or will increase in value.

Limitation of Liability

MGC Investments SAGL refuses, without limitation, any and all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including any direct, indirect or consequential damage, that may occur through the use or access to the website www.mgcinvestments.ch, or any links to websites of third parties. In addition, MGC Investments SAGL disclaims any and all liability for any manipulation of the user’s Internet / computer system by unauthorized parties.


Certain links on the website www.mgcinvestments.ch may lead to third-party websites, whose management is completely out of MGC Investments SAGL control. As a result, MGC Investments SAGL assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and legality of the contents of such websites, or for any offers and services contained therein.

The use of the website www.mgcinvestments.ch

All contents on the website of MGC SAGL Investments are subject to copyright with all rights reserved. You can save or print a copy of individual pages and / or sections of the website MGC SAGL Investments, provided that you do not remove any copyright or other proprietary rights. With any saving or copying from the website of MGC Investments SAGL the terms and conditions of use shall be deemed accepted. All property rights shall remain in MGC Investments SAGL possession. You may not reproduce (in whole or in part), transmit (by electronic means or otherwise), modify, link to or use the website www.mgcinvestments.ch for any public or commercial purpose, without the prior written permission of MGC Investments SAGL. As access to some parts of this site are limited and require the possession of a valid username and password, no other user should attempt to access those parts of the site.

Conflict of interest

MGC Investments SAGL, as a financial intermediary receives a fee which is based on different elements, which can sometimes be in conflict with the publications, content and information exchanged through this website. MGC SAGL Investments and its agents, representatives, employees, asset managers, traders, personal coaches and tutors may have interests or participate in certain companies which may then be treated / examined within courses, reports, newsletters or on Social Networks. MGC Investments SAGL does not have to give any prior notice to you for this participation. MGC Investments SAGL and its agents, representatives, employees, asset managers, traders, personal coaches and tutors can then sell these securities and are not obliged to make known when these sales will take place. The information of the “Newsletter”, in any case, is not a complete analysis of the companies taken into account, but a simple assessment carried out by MGC Investments SAGL considering facts and other information obtained from sources believed to be reliable but not certain.


When a user releases information and signs the necessary documentation to request information, activate a demo or open a account with MGC Investments SAGL, it collects and stores this information – including names and addresses – for administrative, commercial and / or legal purposes.
MGC Investments SAGL may then request additional financial information and a valid email address. Anyone who does not wish to receive any kind of advertising material or information, please send an email to info@mgcinvestments.ch
MGC Investments SAGL is obliged by law to process personal data as confidential and cannot use or sell it without a valid legal reason. The data provided by the registered user of the site will be used exclusively by MGC Investments SAGL to keep the user updated on MGC Investments website activities. In any case, the user may request at any time that MGC Investments correct or delete their personal data.
If the information regarding a registered user of the MGC Investments SAGL site is incorrect or outdated, it will prompt the user to correct it. The user may also choose to correct the information previously provided by contacting MGC Investments SAGL. Questions and problems may be sent to MGC Investments SAGL, by writing to info@mgcinvestments.ch or telephoning 0041 225 753 224.

Remuneration MGC

Our commitment is to act in the best interests of our customers and to be paid on the basis of the achieved results. MGC Investments SAGL always applies the principle of the fee on performance.
In asset management this principle indicates that the remuneration between MGC Investments SAGL and the customer will occur when the management operation obtains a gain.
MGC Investments SAGL also applies an annual management fee based on the type of asset management mandate signed by the customer.

Past and Future Results

The past performance of MGC Investments SAGL does not guarantee equal future performance.
These future results will depend on the type of asset management mandate signed by the customer, the market, the global economy and parameters that will evolve in the future and are not attributable to MGC Investments SAGL.


This disclaimer and any dispute arising from the same or in relation to the same, including disputes about its legality, validity, binding effect and enforceability are governed by Swiss law and subject only to the latter. In any case, MGC Investments SAGL reserves the right to take legal action. All disputes will be settled exclusively by the Court of Roveredo (GR) – Switzerland.

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